Solo Leveling Season 2

  • Crunchyroll and A1-Pictures have confirmed that the upcoming season is called Solo Leveling: Arise from the Shadow.
  • D&C Media CEO Choi Won-young revealed that Solo Leveling Season 2 will be released within a year.
  • Season 2 of the solo leveling is expected to begin with the events of the Red Gate Arc Chapter 46 manhwa.
Solo Leveling Season 1 was one of the most popular manhwa adaptations, so it's no surprise that everyone had high expectations for the anime adaptation. Well, it's safe to say that the Solo Leveling anime has not only met but even exceeded everyone's expectations, so it's getting a season 2 soon.

Sword Art Online-famous A-1 Pictures left no stone unturned to make this project massive. The Solo Leveling anime arrived in January 2024 and right from the start it gave us every reason to stay hooked. A few fans were unhappy with the pacing as it seemed a bit rushed compared to the manhwa. However, that doesn't change the fact that Solo Leveling has quickly become one of the most popular anime shows with the highest ratings on IMDb, leaving behind famous TV shows like YOU, The Witcher and more.

So it's no wonder that fans are already looking forward to the details of Solo Leveling Season 2. You've come to the right place as Crunchyroll today confirmed that the anime has been renewed and released an official promotional video.


Crunchyroll announces Solo Leveling Season 2

Crunchyroll confirmed today that Solo Leveling will be returning to our screens with Season 2 very soon. The second season is called Solo Leveling: Arise from the Shadow. You can check out the tweet along with the PV below:

production decision

▶SEASON2 电影定乐

— アニム『俺だとしうしますんなな亶』公式 (@SOLOLEVELING_PR) MARCH 30, 2024
Solo Leveling Season 1 just ended with a banger final episode and now every fan is curious about Season 2.

For the uninitiated, Season 1 was expected to run in two back-to-back courses, but now we have official confirmation that the series will return with a new season.

Solo Leveling Season 2: Expected Release Date

Even before the official announcement, D&C Media CEO Choi Won-young spilled the beans on Season 2. In an interview with a Korean publication, Choi Won-young revealed that Season 2 of the anime is slated to premiere within a year of the season. 1 conclusion.

He didn't mention anything in detail at the time, so we had no idea if he was talking about Season 1, Part 2 (course 2) or Season 2. But now we have a better idea that it would be a brand new season. instead of the second part of the first season.

As for the release window, several social media posts from leaksters suggest that Solo Leveling Season 2 will arrive later in 2024. However, nothing can be said about the release date until we get some confirmation from official sources.

What to expect from Solo Leveling Season 2?

The first season of Solo Leveling adapted four chapters per episode, and the last episode ended with the Job Change Arc, which adapted the webtoon up to chapter 45. So if we're considering a similar pace for the upcoming season, we expect season 2 to start with the Red Gate Arc (chapter 46) and end with the Return to Demon Castle Arc (up to Chapter 89) or the early events of the Jeju Island Arc.

The Solo Leveling anime introduced us to some powerful characters from the universe, and it was a truly mind-blowing experience to see Jin-Woo gain these spectacular powers. However, he has a long way to go to become the strongest hunter and we can see him develop in terms of abilities in the new season.

The renewed season may also clarify why the Architect chose Jin-Woo despite being the weakest of them all. Most notably, the documentary 'The Leveling of Solo Leveling' accidentally hinted at one of the prominent characters that will debut next season. It's none other than Beru who fights against Jinwoo in the Jeju Island arc, but later becomes a prominent member of our protagonists' shadow army. You can learn about Ber and the other strongest shadows in Jinwoo's arsenal in our ranked list.

So with Jinwoo rising in Igris as his first ever shadow, I can't wait for the upcoming season to match the experience for fans. What are your expectations for Solo Leveling Season 2?